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Cerro la Buitrera “Estancia el Desafío”

Cerro la Buitrera “Estancia el Desafío”

Close to the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, we will travel for approximately one hour to the Estancia “El Desafío” and “Cerro La Buitrera”.
Formed predominantly of volcanic ash, these picturesque walls are almost 100m high and have been eroded by strong winds and rain over hundreds of years. They provide an ideal roosting spot for the majestic Andean condor and other awe-inspiring species, such as the black-chested buzzard eagle, also very photogenic. To the east we will find a low-growing high deciduous beech forest and other tall specimens of the same species which are hundreds of years old. This is an ideal place to walk through and photograph the colourful autumn landscapes, in perfect harmony with the golden Patagonian steppe. 

The night offers a clear, unpolluted sky, with an impressive Milky Way where we will be able to take excellent night photographs, and show the rotation of the earth using the stars.


“Piedra Parada” A Protected Natural Area

“Piedra Parada” A Protected Natural Area

Within the province of Chubut, some 4hs from San Carlos de Bariloche and only 1.5hs from Esquel, we find ourselves in a fascinating world of colours and rock formations, of which Piedra Parada is the most impressive.
Made of silica, this famous rock was the caldera of a volcano dating back several million years. It is 100m wide and 270m high and lies in an immense valley marked by the flow of the Chubut River. This zone offers rich photographic opportunities not only because of the varied colours in the mountains, which clearly show the different eruptions, but also due to the rich textures of the canyons (among them the Buitrera Canyon), different soils, the steppe with its array of small shrubs and all this framed by the incomparable beauty of geological attractions. There are also animal and plant fossil remains here.



Walter Palavecino & Mariano Diez Peña

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