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Band-tailed Earth-Creeper
Band-tailed Earth-CreeperEremobius phoenicurus
Bar-winged Cinclodes
Bar-winged CinclodesCinclodes fuscus
Common Miner
Common MinerGeositta cunicularia
Dark-bellied Cinclodes
Dark-bellied CinclodesCinclodes patagonicus
Des Mur´s Wire-Tail
Des Mur´s Wire-TailSylviorthorhynchus desmursii
Lesser Canastero
Lesser CanasteroAsthenes pyrrholeuca
Plain-mantled Tit-Spine-Tail
Plain-mantled Tit-Spine-TailLeptasthenura aegithaloides
Rufous-banded Miner
Rufous-banded MinerGeositta rufipennis
Scale-Throated Earth-Creeper
Scale-Throated Earth-CreeperUpucerthia dumetaria
Straight-billed Earth-Creeper
Straight-billed Earth-CreeperUpucerthia ruficauda
Thorn-tailed Rayadito
Thorn-tailed RayaditoAphrastura spinicauda
White-throated Cachalote
White-throated CachalotePseudoseisura gutturalis
White-throated Tree-Runner
White-throated Tree-RunnerPygarrhichas albogularis
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Photographs: Mariano Diez Peña

Birding Patagonia • Birdwatcing in Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina and Chile.
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Photographs on the website: Mariano Diez Peña