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Southern Huet-Huet
Pteroptochos tarnii

Southern Huet-Huet
Pteroptochos tarnii
Length: 270mm. Sexes alike. Bill black; iris dark brown; the orbital area is naked, the skin being whitish; forehead and crown dark chestnut; rest of head, neck and back very dark grey with feathers margined grey, imparting a slightly scaly appearance; back dark chestnut; rump dark chestnut with black transversal barring followed by pale chestnut barring; uppertail coverts dark chestnut; rectrices blackish with dark chestnut margins to base. Upper breast as back, rest of breast dark chestnut; belly, flanks and undertail coverts dark chestnut with small semicircular bars in black, pale chestnut and whitish. Wing coverts and remiges very dark grey with feathers faintly margined dark chestnut. Legs black. Average weight: 155g.
The female is slightly smaller than the male. Juveniles are similar to adults but with paler coloration. Habitat and behaviour: this species inhabits very humid thick vegetation where it may be found running across the ground or well hidden. The ground in the places this bird frequents often appears much scraped, since it forages on the fallen leaves; also in the water and among the stones of mountain streams. Its voice is powerful with a clear onomatopoeic sound, giving rise to its common name.
It also utters other sounds. Normally in the daytime it remains concealed and at dusk it is more often heard. Not particularly wary, it is difficult to see, and in order to approach it, one must be extremely quiet and patient, then moved by curiosity it approaches closely. The wings are very rounded and the flight feeble, thus it flies very short distances. When it is agitated it emits an almost continual vocalisation, and often holds its tail upright. The nest is built in holes or in cavities in banks or tree trunks, where up to three white eggs are laid.
Range: subantarctic forests from Neuquén to southern Santa Cruz.
Illustrated Handbook of the Birds of Patagonia
Kindless: Kovacs Family

Photographs: Mariano Diez Peña

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