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Aqui podés leer todos los comentarios de los pasajeros que han contratado nuestros servicios. Si has tomado una excursión u otra actividad con Birding Patagonia, podés dejar también el tuyo completando el formulario al pie de esta página.

Mariano, we want to thank you so much for the wonderful day and a half that we spent with you, visiting some beautiful landscapes and enjoying your company and expertise as you found the birds of the region for us. Your ability to locate and name a bird from the slightest sound is amazing and we were indeed lucky to have found you.

We also truly enjoyed your company and sense of humour, and you are an exceptional host for refreshments and picnic lunches (with thanks to your wife for the food). In all, a special couple of days we will always remember.

Gwynn and Cory Williams, and Howard Rose

Muchas gracias Mariano por las salidas. Muy profesional y càlido. Impresionante la cantidad y variedad de aves que vi contigo. Excelente guìa!! Muy recomendable las salidas. Gracias desde Uruguay!

Cecilia Abadie

La salida que realizamos con Mariano a principios de noviembre de 2017 fue maravillosa! Con 44 especies vistas y 3 mas que pudimos escuchar.
La excurción fue personalizada,adaptada a nuestro ritmo y nececidades. Muy cuidado todos los detalles. Fue hermoso almorzar junto al arroyo y tomar mate en medio del bosque junto a la cascada esperando ver uno de los passeriformes mas dificiles por su rapidez. Tambien, fue maravilloso poder ver los lugares de anidación de distintas especies que Mariano comoce muy bien. Fue muy bueno tener un guia con tanto conocimiento de las aves de la zona,de la flora y ademas con gran conocimiento en fotografia. ¡Todo un lujo!

Lorena Casella

It took me some time to write this review. The reason for this, in the first place, is the fact that it is difficult to add anything new to the extremely positive testimonies already written down by Marianos other guests. I could simply stop by telling you that the other reviews tell the truth. But there is more.
Last september, 2016, we have been birding for 4 days. My key interest is observing birds in their natural habitat - though I am enjoying bird photography more and more. For this combination, Mariano turned out to be THE perfect guide. I have been birding with wonderful guides all over the world (also with less wonderful ones, BTW), several having great skills - better than I will ever be able to reach. However, the combination of skills, enthusiasm, courthesy, and responsiblity unified by Mariano are truly unique. As stated in his personal introduction, he decided to dedicate his life to studying birds - that is really the right word: dedication. Mariano is not the kind of person regarding bird guiding as work. He is in the field all the time, studying migration, behaviour, searching for nests - and that pays off enormously. Since we did so wel (46 species) the first day, I kept forwarding requests for new target birds. Plans were changed daily and all offered options turned out to be well-considered AND very succesful. At the end, we observed 83 species and importantly for me, 76 of those could be photograhed (at least 65 at great quality, among which all 4 Tapaculos present in the area). Really impressive given the density of bird species in the area - and fully ascribed to the spotting skills (Mariano, the birder) and, thereafter, approaching skills (Mariano, the photographer) of Mariano.
So finally, having shared my own impressions, I leave it here - referring you to the other reviews for more information about great lunches (those home-made pies were simply great), Condor sightings, and pleasant company!

Thanks a lot Mariano!!

Frank Coenjaerts - The Netherlands

We had a wonderful day with Mariano seeing 42 species of Patagonia mountain and steppes birds. My husband had a sore knee, and Mariano took us to beautiful areas that did not involve much walking that were full of birds. We are not very experienced birders but Mariano was able to show us even difficult to see birds; he is a bird photographer and he explained some of the tricks photographers use to get close-ups of birds for magazines and films. He provided a beautifully-organized checklist and helped us complete it by reminding us of birds we had seen and where we had seen them--what a memory he has! His vision and hearing are unbelievable--you have to see it to believe it! Our time with him passed so quickly because he is a fascinating individual--so passionate about his work and so talented in many endeavors. Despite being the foremost birding expert in Patagonia, Mariano is very patient with tourists who have never seen these birds and need help finding them and learning about them. He treated us to delicious teas and lunch, served in such a completely civilized manner, we felt completely spoiled. Our day of birding with Mariano is the highlight of our time in Patagonia--a day we will never forget this experience.

Sylvia & Hal Arkes

We had a great day with Mariano in early December. He is a fantastic birder and as a photographer himself can support his customers better than anybody we have met. We like taking pictures and Mariano helped us finding best angles even anticipating when to shoot pictures right time based on birds' expected next move.

Anja and Jorma

Dec, 2014

We have just returned from our trip to Argentina. We found Birding Patagonia when doing a Google search. We contacted Mariano and received an immediate response with additional information and we set the date for December 2. We have gone birding in many places in the world and would rate Mariano among the very best guides we have ever hired.

Mariano is very knowledgeable and knows where to find a variety of birds in the diverse areas around Bariloche. We saw 54 different birds species in one day. Incredibly, we saw over 25 Condors roosting on a cliff in the Steps. We hiked into the forest and saw the illusive and spectacular Magellanic Woodpecker. We say the huge Magellanic Horned Owl roosting in a tree. We saw areas of nesting and difficult birds that are often hidden in the brush of the forest.. The mid-day lunch was delicious and more than we could eat. We visited a private reserve and hiked high to see more Condors, Falcons and Hawks flying in the sky.

Our day with Birding Patagonia was a fantastic day! Mariano is a gracious host. His passion and enthusiasm, as well as his knowledge,made our day un-forgetable. I would highly recommend spending at least one full day birding, you will not be disappointed!

Shaya and Charles Zucker

We had a wonderful day birdwatching with Mariano - definitely one of the highlights of our holiday. After a few minutes we felt as though we were spending a day with a close friend. Mariano is obviously very passionate about his subject and his knowledge of the area is encyclopaedic, taking us to locations where we were guaranteed to see certain species.

The day included a picnic lunch which turned out to be an al fresco banquet set in a stunning landscape. Chairs and a table were produced and we were treated to a choice of several courses.

At the end of the day Mariano took us to a cave to see a humming bird nest and while we were there we were able to see the bird at incredibly close quarters. A memorable day with an exceptionally knowledgable and very friendly guide.

Geoffrey Smith

I could not describe Mariano any better than Nita, Gideon and Sian Parker did, however my 4 days with Mariano were a little different. I am a bird photographer, and I have traveled all over the world photographing birds. I always hire the best guide available and I must emphasize that I have never had a better guide than Mariano. One of the reasons for this is that Mariano is a very accomplished and knowledgeable photographer himself. He understands light, and all the necessary ingredients to make a beautiful picture. One additional important point, he does not bring his camera with him, so that he can focus 100% on making sure I get the best picture.

Owen Deutsch

We had the pleasure of spending two full days with Mariano in Bariloche this past November. It was one of the best birding experiences we have ever had. Not only is Mariano a fantastic guide with keen eyesight and knowledge , but we loved spending the days with him. He was as excited as we were to spot birds and went out of his way to show us as much as he could during our time there. We would recommend him highly to anyone and we can't wait to schedule another visit with Mariano as our guide!!

nita and gideon

My mother and I were on holiday in Bariloche in March 2012 and were keen to spend a day birdwatching, so booked a day with Mariano and I can safely say it was one of the best days of our trip.

Mariano was a fantastic guide on all counts, not just the basics. From a birding perspective he had a staggering amount of knowledge about all the birds there were to see, what their calls were and, when we had trouble spotting them, where to look. We saw over 40 different types of bird on one day and his energy was boundless, always trying to find more birds for us to see and helping us catch sight of them (we are not very experienced birders so needed the help!).

The added bonus was his care and attention to detail: from contacting us prior to the trip to check if we had any dietary needs and even if we preferred certain types of tea (!), to taking the time at the start of the day to find out what we had done and seen already on our holiday, then adjusting our schedule for the day to ensure we got as much variety as possible and saw things we had not yet experienced.

All in all it really was a great day out and he was a pleasure to be guided by.

Sian Parker






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