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The Team

We are a team that shares the same passion and we enjoy nature through the exhilarating activity of bird watching. A bird photographer, a veterinarian, two biologists and a professional photographer, all with the same objective: to share our experiences with you, and to enjoy and value nature.

Mariano Diez Peña

I was born in September 1963 in Buenos Aires, and since that year I have spent my summers in Patagonia. My experience of Northwest Patagonia, with its mountains, lakes, rivers and steppe would bring me, at 19 years of age, to live in San Carlos de Bariloche in 1983.

After graduating from secondary school I directed my life towards my other great passion, sport, and the teaching of it. I am a Paddle Tennis Instructor, Squash Professional, Ski Instructor, Fly Fishing Instructor and Guide and currently a registered USGTF Golf Professional (Register number 3904) and Argentine PGA (Register number 735). My first contact with birds took place with my first steps on my grandparents' farm, then continued in this region, where admiring, respecting and learning about these amazing living beings is a pleasure I would like to pass on to others. More than 12 years spent photographing birds has made it possible for me to capture various images with details that have taught me the reasons for many of their key characteristics.

These are simply some of the reasons for my decision to fully dedicate myself, together with some friends, to the fascinating world of birds. I have presented photographic exhibitions of birds in the Museo de Patagonia, Bariloche International Airport, and Arelauquen Golf and Country Club in San Carlos de Bariloche. I also participated in a Photographic Exhibition in Aves Argentinas and in November of 2011 in the Annual South American Bird Fair in San Martín de los Andes, where I also did a Bird Guiding Course. I have provided photographs for National Park information booklets. At present I am collaborating on various Aves Argentinas projects and carrying out bird surveys on various Patagonian estancias. Since 2003 I have been a member of the Asociación Ornitológica del Plata, since 2011 of the Sociedad Naturalista Andino Patagónico and from its foundation, the Bariloche Club de Observadores de Aves.

Lorenzo Sympson

Was born in 1948 and grew up on an estancia in the argentine pampas: the third generation of a British family of birdwatchers. After obtaining a degree in Veterinary Medicine and having worked as a Vet in Peru for twelve years. In 1989 I settled with my family ,administrating an estancia in Nahuel Huapi National Park.During that time started a research project on the Black–chested Buzzard-eagle ( Geranoetus melanoleucus)and the Adean condor (Vultur gryphus) studies that I carry on up to the present. At the same time I co founded a local NGO- Sociedad Naturalista Andino Patagónica .

At present with the collaboration of a researcher of the University of Boise I am studying the biology and migration of the White-throated Hawk (Buteo albigula).

On the other hand, since 1995 I guide ornithologists, birdwathcers, nature photographers and some well known documentary makers through Northern Patagonia.

I have been hired as a scientific advisor and local fixer by NHL,ZDF, BBG and ALTACO Productions. I also have designed and carried out birdawatching trips that cross Patagonia from the Pacific to the Atlantic; lodging mainly in typical Patagonian estancias. Most of these excursions end up in Península Valdes –declared a World Heritage Site- , one of my favourite places.

I am life member of National Geographic Society, member of Raptor Research Foundation, Aves Argentinas and at present president of SNAP.

I live with my family outside the city of Bariloche . Rio Negro, Argentina

Gonzalo Ignazi

I was born on March 6 1986 in San Carlos de Bariloche. From an early age I showed a great passion for nature, and in particular, for the birds of Patagonia. During my adolescence I drew nearer to the world of birds through photography, an activity to which I still dedicate countless hours.

I studied biology at Comahue University and specialised in birds of prey. I am currently doing my Ph.D. on the biology and ecology of the black-chested buzzard-eagle (Geranoetus melanoleucus) population resident in North-western Patagonia.

In the future I hope that both my photographs and research will be useful in increasing awareness of the importance of conserving biodiversity and the environment.

Federico Beaudoin

I was born in December 1976 and grew up in a family of veterinarians specialising in wildlife. My first years were largely spent in Palermo Zoo in Buenos Aires with my father, who was Zoo Director at one time.

Many experiences there led me to dedicate my life to the study of birds and to live in constant contact with nature. I later studied Biology at the National University of La Plata, where I graduated with a B.Sc. in Biology, specialising in Zoology. Whilst studying I visited various regions of Argentina.

I participate in bird study trips to Antarctica, and am currently researching the birds of North-western Patagonia where I live with my family.

Walter Palavecino

I was born in Buenos Aires on December 7, 1974. After completing my secondary school education, specialising in computing, I studied in the CEA (the centre for adventure and ecotourism) and graduated as a Coordinator in Outdoor Activities. I am a practioner of neurolinguistic programming and a professional photographer.

As a child I used to spend hours in the darkroom with my father, learning about this fascinating world. Years later I would leave behind chemical development and the analogue world and in 2006 acquired my first digital reflex camera. The following year I started to give courses on digital photography, an activity I continue as I enjoy sharing what I have learnt over the years. I keep up to date with all the latest in software development, editing and new photographic techniques.

My discovery of and admiration for Patagonia goes back to my early years. When I was only 9 years old I went with my parents on a two-month journey that covered much of Patagonia. I was awestruck by the south of Argentina, and dreamed of living there one day. In the year 2000 I moved to Neuquén and in 2007 I finally settled in San Carlos de Bariloche.





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